Michael Ende: The Neverending Story

Available as a stage play in English written by famous playwright David S. Craig

Based on Michael Ende's successful novel, David S. Craig's stage adaptation is a magical exploration of character and creativity.

For perusial copies and rights for professional productions go to www.davidscraig.com

Martin Baltscheit - Award winning author for young audiences!

Only a Day (Nur ein Tag) was first presented in English by "New Visions, New Voices" at Kennedy Centre, Washington D.C. in May 2012:
"I was moved to tears by German writer Martin Baltscheit's "Only a Day", which through the single-day life cycle of a mayfly is a piece that simply, elegantly and comically examines death and living in spite of it." (Voice after the reading at Kennedy Center, 2012)

Michael Ende: The Neverending Story, Children's Theatre Seattle

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Erich Kästner: Emil and the Detectives

For the first time Emil is allowed to travel to Berlin on his own. His grandmother and cousin Pony Hütchen wait for him at Friedrichstrasse Station, but Emil never arrives. While Grandma and Pony wonder what they should do, Emil is involved in an exciting chase across the unfamiliar city, in pursuit of the thief whom he met in the train and who stole all his money. Fortunately, Emil quickly enlists the help of Gustav with his hooter and his gang of boy detectives.

"EMIL is a wonder. (...) Here we see steadfastness, the loyalty of small children working together and achieving success by simply believing in each other. Here is the essence of boyhood, with all its endearing human quirkiness.
EMIL is a little masterpiece. It shows us the heroic nature of children, how they can stick together and accomplish wonders without the help of inept grownups. What a marvelous gift!" (Maurice Sendak)

Erich Kästner was born in Dresden in 1899, and died in Munich in 1974. He was not only one of the world’s most famous children’s authors, but was also master of many genres of writing, as a novelist, poet, cabaret artist, dramatist and feature writer. Emil and the Detectives, which he wrote in 1929, was a worldwide bestseller. Kästner’s own life story was closely linked to the social conditions of his time, which he observed with an ever clear and watchful eye. During the Nazi regime his books were banned, but later his life’s work was recognized by the award of the International Youth Prize and the Hans Christian Andersen Medal, among others.

"Kästner is a master of suspense. There is probably no-one since who has succeeded with such an equal measure of criticism and understanding in opening the eyes of children to the present in which they are living." (ORF) [Austrian Broadcasting Corporation]

Plays available in foreign languages:

"Only a day" (Nur ein Tag) by Martin Baltscheit:
- English (by David Henry Wilson)
- Polish (by Lila Mrowinska-Lissewska)

"The better forests"/"Heading For High Ground" (Die besseren Wälder) by Martin Baltscheit
- English (by Zoe Svendsen)
- Polish (by Lila Mrowinska-Lissewska)
- Arabic (please contact us for details)

"The Neverending Story"(Die unendliche Geschichte) by Michael Ende
- English script: David Craig

"Emil and the detectives"(Emil und die Detektive) by Erich Kästner
- English script: Carl Miller

"Rabbit Country"(Hasenland) by Reihaneh Youzbashi Dizaji
- English (by James Douglas)


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