Verlag für Kindertheater

Verlag für Kindertheater

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Ab heute sind wir cool

von Susann Opel-Götz


We’ll Be Cool From Now On

Available for dramatization; age 5+; awaiting first production

Leo and Mug decide that they’re going to be cool from now on. Nothing could be simpler: sunglasses perched on the nose, music loud enough to make the walls shake, watch horror movies (so the hair can stand coolly on end), and whatever happens, stay up as late as you possibly can. Cool cats also keep deadly spiders and poisonous rats, and they must never ever behave properly. In no time at all, Leo and Mug are truly and unbelievably cool – but unfortunately, it doesn’t actually make them very happy. Because – and this is really stupid – they can’t stand spiders and, if you want to know the truth, they’d much rather watch children’s films than horror movies. And that is totally uncool, isn’t it? 


Besetzung: Stoffrecht zur individuellen Dramatisierung nach der Bilderbuchvorlage
Alter: empfohlen ab 5
Frei zur: UA