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Der dunkle Vogel

von Lisa Sommerfeldt

Der dunkle Vogel - The dark Bird

2W - 1M (in changing roles); for age of 10+; WP: Theatre Ulm, 09/03/2018 (dir. by Miriam Locher)

Mia is frightened. She's hearing steps at night that come closer. She's hoping they'll pass and hopes they step into her bother Jan's room. And she's hoping that the big dark bird spreads his wings and takes her with him. Then she flies with him through space and time. They meet a forgetter, who instantly forgets what he wanted to ask and a truth twister, whose truth is always blue. In the land of simple solutions Mia buys pills against everything. The journey goes further and further and Mia is becoming stronger and stronger through her experiences. As the dark night ends, the bird gently puts her back to bed. But Mia won't close her eyes again but she faces the truth and fort he first time Jan and mia speak out the right words and wipe away the blindness off the face of their mother as well.

Lisa Sommerfeldt has written a cautious and pictorial play about sexual abuse. Young spectators can think about free will during this symbolic journey, about physicality and limits, about right and wrong, true and untrue. Fort he children concerned this text might also be encouraging.

Besetzung: 2 Dame(n) , 1 Herr(en)
Alter: empfohlen ab 10
Uraufführung: UA: Theater Ulm, 09.03.2018 (Regie: Miriam Locher)

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