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Der kleine Ritter Trenk und der Große Gefährliche

von Kirsten Boie

Little knight Trenk and the big Danger

Adjusted for stage by Rainer Hartwig; 2w - 5m; for age of 6+; WP: Theatre on Tour, fall 2014

Raging Werthold still is in a filthy temper because of little knight Trenk! Luckily there's been seen a new, even bigger and even more dangerous dragon that frightens everyone. Trenk shall also defeat this dragon in a heroic manner and for that he gets solemnly handed over the sword "Dragon Killer". Obviously Werthold becomes not only red of anger after that but also green of envy. 'Cause what Trenk can do, I can do better, he thinks - and he wants to get a hold of the "Dragon Killer" at once. Therefore he sets a mean malicious snare to Trenk. Luckily Thekla, Momme Mumm and Piglet assist Trenk in wit and deed. Together they are able to defeat Raging Werthold while the "Big Danger" falls naturally for the charms of the lady dragon preferring to guard the little dragon babies from now on instead of spitting fire.

After the big success of the previous play, Little Knight Trenk takes us once more to the Middle Ages, into the time of dragons, knights and heroes. Charming characters and a suspenseful plot make "Little Knight Trenk and the Big Danger" the ideal family piece (suited as well for outdoor stages).

Bearbeitung: Rainer Hertwig
Besetzung: 2 Dame(n) , 5 Herr(en)
Alter: empfohlen ab 6
Uraufführung: 2014, Theater auf Tour

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