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Der kleine Ritter Trenk

von Kirsten Boie

The little Knight Trenk

"Born enslaved, died enslaved, enslaved for life" -  yes, that was the saying back then when there still were knights, who owned their peasents. Terribly unfair, that's what little peasent boy Trenk thinks, who has to suffer from cruel Wertold the Brute with his family. That's why, one day, he takes the piglet on a strap and decides to make his fortune in the city. "City air is liberating", that was another saying back then. For little Trenk and the little pig a long and dangerous journey begins! But with courage, good friends and a few tricks Trenk eventually becomes a knight himself and takes the field against a real dragon. Fortunately Miss Thekla is his companion! Because Thekla doesn't only want to practice to embroider and play the harp and wait for a knight marrying her at all - instead she is an ace at the pea catapult!" At the end of the story we find the wise words of the duke: "Born enslaved, died a knight, brave for life!" And maybe Thekla will marry a knight in the end - but much later of course.

Bearbeitung: Rainer Hertwig
Besetzung: 1 Dame(n) , 5 Herr(en)
max. Rollenzahl: 19
Alter: empfohlen ab 5
Uraufführung: 2008, Theater auf Tour

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Besetzungungshinweis Schulen und Amateure: bis zu 19 Rollen 


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