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Die erstaunlichen Abenteuer der Maulina Schmitt

von Finn-Ole Heinrich / Dita Zipfel

Finn-Ole Heinrich and Dita Zipfel: The astonishing adventures of Maulina Schmitt (Grumbolyn Smith)

For age of 10+

The "unique, extraordinary, spectacular, overall miraculous" Maulina Schmitt (Grumbolyn Smith) is the greatest grumbler under the sun, yes, she even made grumbling a form of art. And by all means she's right! For she just had to leave Mauldawien (Grumbodcha), her kingdom, where there had been a gluttonous timber floor, greasy light switches, bubblegum sculptures, The longest breakfasts in the world and secret paintings of a young artist under the tables. All under the command of Maulina (Grumbolyn)! And now instead she finds herself with her mother in Plastikhausen (Plasticborrough), in a tiny plastic flat with a towel sized garden. And the man that may no longer be called her father lives alone in Mauldawien (Grumbodcha)! In Maulina (Grumbolyn) the grumbling is cooking considering such an injustice. She won't have it. Therefore at first she's got to find out what's the deal with Plastikhausen (Plasticborrough), why there are knobs and ramps all over and why there are no other children. Why would her mother have wanted to move in just here? Her new friend Paul helps her looking for answers and when Paul shows his blazing yellow smile the sun comes up for Maulina (Grumbolyn) once again. Until she learns about the illness of her mother and everything in Plastikhausen (Plasticborrough) suddenly unfortunately makes sense.

It's not Maulina's (Grumbolyn's) manner to just take things as they are, she is rather looking for their reason and grumbles sharply until it tumbles. She knows that she won't be able to change the whole world but that doesn't keep her in the least from speaking up and resistance! We may follow laughing and crying and being thankful this strong-willed courageously grumbling heroine through her marvellous adventures.

"The miracle of this book is that beyond all tragedy it has a great lightness in it, that you can, may and should laugh."
Katrin Hörnlein, Die ZEIT (children and youth literature), 14/11/2013

Besetzung: 4 Dame(n) , 4 Herr(en) , Die Stückfassung umfasst alle drei Bände der Buchvorlage. Individuellen Dramatisierungen des ersten Bandes sind weiterhin möglich.
Alter: empfohlen ab 10
Uraufführung: 04.03.2017, Theater an der Parkaue, Regie: Katrin Hentschel

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