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Die Fortpflanzung der Amöben

von Suse Grünau

Mit Songs von Gilbert Handler

The Reproduction of the Amoebas

With the music of Gilbert Handler; 3w/3m; for age of 14+; WP: Phoenix Theatre Linz 15/10/2013 (directed by Heidelinde Leutgöb)

Gustav's parents go on holidays and leave the estate to Gustav including the expensive interior and the collection of whiskeys in alphabetical order. As soon as they're away the first party guests stand in front of the door. Max comes with his girlfriend Julia, mysterious Cathy would be something for Paul and for Gustav Mara is left, the wallflower. At the beginning of the evening four are in love, two of them secretly and one hasn't been kissed yet. But the story takes the typical alternative turn and not later than the first bottles of whiskey are handed around the condition of the furniture is the least of Gustav's worries. The next morning two have told their most embarrassing experience, one had her coming out and four of them are no virgin anymore. And Gustav is simply happy.

Life is not a biology lesson because feelings are simply no science. In a most relaxed manner and with the cult-like Brit-Rock songs by Gilbert Handler "The Reproduction of the Amoebas" approaches the most joyous topic in the world.


Suse Grünau is the pseudonym of a successful theatre director who has worked a lot in the field of TYA.

Besetzung: 3 Dame(n) , 3 Herr(en) , Musikmaterial (Halbplayback, Songbook) über den Verlag erhältlich
Alter: empfohlen ab 14
Uraufführung: 15.10.2013, Theater Phönix, Linz, Regie: Heidelinde Leutgöb

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