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Die Geschichte eines Jungen aus Afghanistan

von Flo Staffelmayr

The Story of a Boy from Afghanistan

1 f; age 10 +; first produced at Dschungel Wien/Theater Ansicht on 28.03.17

The boy desperately wants to score a goal today! They are playing football in the marketplace, he gets the ball, follows through, the ball flies and flies and – strikes a veiled woman right on the head! She falls to the ground and doesn’t move. Without hesitating, the boy runs over to her. He has done first aid at school and immediately begins to give the woman mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. But that is forbidden! In a moment, he is surrounded by and being yelled at by big-bearded men; men, who in this country decide what is allowed and what isn’t; men, who sow the seeds of violence, who threaten him and his family. The boy must not stay here any longer. He must have a better life, says his mother, and she sends him all alone on a long and dangerous journey to Europe. The boy tells us about human traffickers, about suffering and fear – and about how his cover is finally blown. For this boy is in reality a girl. What will happen to her when she finally reaches her journey’s end and freedom?

"The girls who grow up in Afghanistan disguised as boys are known as "bacha posh". In a country where the Taliban forbids almost everything to women and girls, some mothers disguise their daughters as boys, since a false son is better than none." (Süddeutsche  Zeitung, 12.03.2015)

Besetzung: 1 Dame(n)
Alter: empfohlen ab 10
Uraufführung: 28.03.2017, Dschungel Wien/Theater Ansicht
Preise und Auszeichnungen: Nominiert für den STELLA 2017

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