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Die Globusspione - Mission Millenium

von Eva Maria Stüting

The Globe Spies – Mission Millennium

3 f; age 6 +; first produced at Landestheater Niedersachsen Nord on 24.04.2016, (directed by Carola Unser)

Everywhere there are lights flashing and alarm bells ringing. The countdown is on: Lady O is in a bad state, her orbits are wobbling and her last volcano is barely producing more than a puff of hot air. What’s the matter with her?! The only ones who can help now are her super agents, Wann, Tu and Srie. They need to find out how the world can be saved – and fast. Unfortunately, they are not prepared for the dark chocolate machinations of the scheming Dr Yes, who plans to use Lady O’s doom to facilitate his own rise to power. He knows all about the insatiable greed of humans and has always egged them on, so that now they have made life really difficult for her. Can Wann, Tu and Srie succeed in defeating Dr Yes? Will they be able to change people’s attitudes before it’s too late? A little inventiveness and some help from the audience wouldn’t go amiss in this adventure!

Eva Maria Stüting lets children explore a complex contemporary topic, not as a didactic exercise, but as a playful experience that’s "fast-paced, crazy and bombastic" (Carola Unser)! She rejects simple solutions and moralising. Her characters don’t have to end up being (blue) angels; just as her spies can be fallible, so can the villain have a heart as soft as butter. Eva Maria Stüting does not try to make children believe in easy solutions to complex problems. Instead, she appeals to their playfulness, their inventiveness, and our desire to see good triumph.   

Besetzung: 3 Dame(n)
Alter: empfohlen ab 6
Uraufführung: 24.04.2016, Landestheater Niedersachsen Nord (Regie: Carola Unser)

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