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Verlag für Kindertheater

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Die Mitte der Welt

von Andreas Steinhöfel


Die Mitte der Welt - the center of the world

At the center oft he world lies "Visible", the rotten, big house with the countless rooms, the mysterious home oft he twins Phil and Dianne and their young mother Glass. East of Visible though ist he world of the "Small People", who stand aginst unconventional Glass with open hostillity. Phil and Diann grow up as outcasts, as "witch kids". From early on they have to learn, to stand up for themselves and that's what they do for one another, always. But then, something terrible happens, that drives Dianne and Glass irrecoverably apart from one another. For a long time Phil doesn't want to see it, but coldness and strangeness have moved into "Visible". Only when Phil falls in love with beautiful Nicolas, he understands, how deep the wounds can be that love cuts. He decides to finally make his own decisions, and follow the things around him too the bottom line.

"Die Mitte der Welt"(the center oft he world) is an educational novel, at which  end  a child has grown into a young man, who is ready to take the chances and risks of life. He grew up, surrounded by willful and fallible, loving and egoistic people. He has experienced safety and insecurity, joy and grief, he's prepared as good and as bad as possible, to lead his way into the world - to create his own center oft he world.

Besetzung: Stoffrecht zur individuellen Dramatisierung
Alter: empfohlen ab 14