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von Lisa Sommerfeldt

Village Disco

2 f – 3 m; age 14 +; first produced at Landestheater Eisenach on 22.13.2016 (Directed by Boris C. Motzki)

One morning, Mandy is back. It’s a year since she set off, full of hope, leaving behind her home village and her father and brother to embark on a film career in the capital. But her dreams are shattered as no big roles came her way. So she returns to the village where she grew up, to her family, to Filou, the old pub, in search of a new future and in search of herself. Mandy thinks back to her mother, who ran off to the West long ago, and finally forces her father to explain how the event came about that he has sought so desperately to forget that he has now forgotten everything else as well. This opens up old wounds for Mandy and her brother, Till, but for the first time brother and sister confront the past and accept its relevance to the present. This act of remembering gives them the strength to make changes and to embrace their own, freer future.

"Village Disco depicts the process of looking back and deconstruction that makes it possible to move towards the future with a clear understanding and a knowledge of the past. It is the characters’ task to find their own personal path in life, that very individual path that leads to happiness." (Lisa Sommerfeld)                      

Besetzung: 2 Dame(n) , 3 Herr(en)
Alter: empfohlen ab 14
Uraufführung: 22.03.2016, Landestheater Eisenach (Regie: Boris C. Motzki)

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