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Du hast doch keine Angst, oder?

von Zoran Drvenkar

You are not afraid, are you?

5 performers; for age of 6+; free for WP

"Once upon a time there were four friends; plus another friend. The four friends were named Anke, Berit, Cordula and Dorothea. The one additional friend was called Zarah." The four friends are looking for adventure and Zarah may come with them. They decide to go into the woods and have a ball frightening Zarah with stories about the dark sides of the woods. They tell about dangerous bandit chief Raddek, who had been hung in the woods, dreaded tree troll Ogill and mud glutton Feggel that eats little girls. Zarah listens curiously for with every story the shadows and noises in the woods increase. In the beginning the four friends enjoy themselves splendidly until they come deeper and deeper into the woods and slowly get scared by their own stories. It snaps, it rustles, it cheeps: the four girls panic and run and run and if they haven't stopped yet, they probably run hereafter. Zarah however slowly wanders home through the night in the woods - the house is light and cozy and Zarah greets their housemates and tells them what she has experienced in the woods. Only a very brave heart may guess who those housemates are!

The picture book of the same name was nominated fort he German Youth Literature Award in 2008.

Besetzung: 5 Dame(n) auch für Figurenspiel gut geeignet; größere Besetzung möglich
Alter: empfohlen ab 6
Frei zur: UA

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