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Ein Sams zuviel

von Paul Maar / Christian Schidlowsky

One Sams Too Many

Owing to a badly formulated wish made by Mr Taschenbier, a second Sams suddenly turns up. It is completely different from Mr Taschenbier’s – which is hardly surprising because this one is Mrs Rotkohl’s Sams, i.e. her exact opposite: adorable, affectionate, and with a slight lisp. It’s also a vegetarian, and hates sausages. Everybody finds it incredibly sweet and cuddly, and so nobody is interested any more in Sams I. And so the Taschenbiers’ Sams resolves to use every means possible to get rid of its rival, because it’s as clear as daylight that there is now ‘one Sams too many’.

3 m + 2 f, age 6+, premiered at the Fränkisches Theater Schloss Massbach, in collaboration with the Stadttheater Fürth, 19.11.2011 (directed by Christian Schidlowsky)


Besetzung: 3 Dame(n) , 2 Herr(en)
max. Rollenzahl: 5
Alter: empfohlen ab 6
Uraufführung: 19.11.2011, Fränkisches Theater Schloß Maßbach in Kooperation mit dem Stadttheater Fürth (Regie: Christian Schidlowsky)

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