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Frau Holle. Guter Schnee fällt nicht von selbst

von Martin Baltscheit

Mother Hulda

Based loosely on Grimm’s Fairy Tales

3 f – 1 m; age 6 +; first produced at Stadttheater Ingolstadt on 12.11.2016

The sisters Pitch and Gold couldn’t be more different. Pitch is lazy, vain and practical, whereas Gold is industrious, modest and imaginative, so daily quarrels are inevitable. And when their mother, weighed down by everyday worries, punishes her unjustly, Gold sets out on a journey that brings her to kind-hearted Mother Hulda, where everything, truly everything, is better. There, Gold rescues the bread and shakes the tree and makes it snow in the world below. Life is peaceful and harmonious. But Gold feels there’s something missing …

Martin Baltscheit recreates this famous fairy tale as a story about two sisters who love and hate each other, who quarrel and then make up again – perfectly normal behaviour between sisters, of course. If only the grown-ups wouldn’t sometimes make their lives too hard and sometimes too easy.

Besetzung: 3 Dame(n) , 1 Herr(en)
Alter: empfohlen ab 6
Uraufführung: 12.11.2016, Stadttheater Ingolstadt

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