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Verlag für Kindertheater

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Jakob und der große Junge

von Paul Maar

Als Klassenzimmerstück bearbeitet von Nadine Klante

James and the big boy

play for a classroom; revised for the stage by Nadine Klante; 2m; for age of 8+; WP: Württembergische Landesbühne Esslingen (directed by Nadine Klante)

Every time, James passes Steven's Hill on his way home, the "big boy" is already waiting for him, ready to strike his cap from his head, to scare him or to snitch James' pocket money. James doesn't want to go to school anymore, that's how bad it has become. His best friend Mehmet tries to help him in every way he can. But the big boy is much stronger and doesn't hesitate to beat up Mehmet. James eventually tries to delude his adversary with a disguise. But of course even that doesn't work. Only when James meets a girl at Steven's Hill the tide turns.

James is a reasonable boy, who has the courage to confide in others. With the help of his friends he eventually succeeds to stand up against his opponent – a little use of muscle power is helpful but in the end it is James' wit in the first place, that really helps to finally drive the "big boy" back.
Paul Maar gently tells an encouraging story about a topic that unfortunately belongs to every day life at many schools.

Bearbeitung: Nadine Klante
Besetzung: 2 Herr(en)
max. Rollenzahl: 8
Alter: empfohlen ab 8
Uraufführung: Württembergische Landesbühne Esslingen (Regie: Nadine Klante)

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