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Keine Party für den Tiger

von Martin Baltscheit

No Party for the Tiger

2 f – 3 m; age 11 +; first produced by Junges Ensemble Stuttgart on 10.10.2015; directed by Frank Hörner

It’s terribly dark in the forest, but the tiger likes that because everyone is really scared of him. Still, he does feel a bit lonely without any friends. The deer is timid and imagines certain death lurking behind every tree. The bear is gradually running out of honey, which doesn’t improve her temper. To begin with, there’s no sign of any other animals, like the moth, for example. But then things brighten up when the Internet comes to the animals – not a man, not a woman, but nevertheless very attractive! It promises fame, fortune and everlasting peace; it knows the way to the best pots of honey, and its matchmaking is legendary. Everything is bright and everyone is enlightened… But technology has its pitfalls. Unfortunately, one small mistake spreads like wildfire through all the channels and before long claims its first victim. Now the members of the oh-so peaceful Internet community begin viciously attacking one another - after all, they now know all there is to know about their neighbours.

A masterly play about the opportunities and dangers inherent in modern technology, about the promise of total knowledge and about the mistaken belief in a virtual paradise. The animals of the forest show how enlightenment works: in the success it brings them and in an all too rapid reversal to its dark side, unleashing raw nature.  In the end, good sense prevails. But foolishness is waiting patiently in the wings for its next chance.

Besetzung: 2 Dame(n) , 3 Herr(en)
Alter: empfohlen ab 11
Uraufführung: 10.10.2015, Junges Ensemble Stuttgart, Regie: Frank Hörner

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