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Nur ein Tag

von Martin Baltscheit


A fox and a wild boar keep watch over the hatching of a dayfly, knowing that she will only live for a day. When the dayfly notices how sad they are, the boar tries to cover up the secret by pretending that it’s the fox who will only live for a day. The dayfly immediately sets herself the task of making the fox happy, staging a series of hilarious scenes including a school lesson, a chicken hunt, a wedding, and the birth of a baby. However, when the truth comes out, she is very upset at the way they have tricked her, and hurries away. She meets another dayfly, who is counting down the minutes of his life. Meanwhile, the fox and the wild boar desperately search for her, and when eventually they find her, there is a reconciliation before they sing her to her final sleep. Then they wait for the next dayfly to hatch.

This is a play that is alternately funny, sad and thought-provoking, and it has an added element of suspense as the audience never knows what is coming next, despite the inevitableness of the ending. Accompanying it, and underlying all its different moods, is the violin-playing of a mysterious cricket that keeps appearing and disappearing. The title is Only a Day, but the content is a whole life.

Besetzung: 1 Dame(n) , 2 Herr(en) , 1 Puppenspieler/in
Alter: empfohlen ab 6
Uraufführung: 07.09.2007, Theater Marabu, Bonn (Regie: Rüdiger Pape)

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