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Piratenmolly Ahoi!

von Eva Maria Stüting

Vom Mädchen, das auszog, Seemann zu werden

Ahoy there, Pirate Molly!
The tale of the girl who went off to be a sailor

1f; age 6+

"Dreams are made to be fulfilled," thinks Molly Kelly, and so she sets out to make her dream come true. She wants to be a sailor. But life on the ocean wave is tough, and generally tough stuff is done by tough men. However, she succeeds in getting herself signed on as a cabin boy named Olly. And with a mixture of cunning and courage she ends up as a notorious pirate captain.

Besetzung: 1 Dame(n)
Alter: empfohlen ab 6
Uraufführung: 2002, Volkstheater Rostock

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