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Verlag für Kindertheater

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Prinz Sternschnuppe

von Lisa Sommerfeldt

Prince Shooting star

2 Performers - 1 Puppeteer (or 5 performers); for age of 6+; WP: Theater Hagen, 01.03.2015 (Directed by: Miriam Michel)

At the yard on planet double head prevails great excitement: Prince Shooting star has a pink tongue - more so, he even likes it! His royal parents prescribe him strict lessons of the subject "Light-blue", since chaps on double head have always had light-blue tongues! As a dangerous dragon threatens to eat the planet for breakfast, prince shooting star sees the opportunity to get out of the boring class. He smartly offers the dragon a bargain: for a pink berry from the forbidden garden the dragon shall spare the planet. Shooting star is on his way at once and meets a princess on the way, which would much rather be a boy. The kids get together and after an adventurous travel they indeed meet the fairy that guards the secret underwater garden. She bestows them the last five pink berries: one for the dragon and four for the parents of the kids. Unfortunately you have to say, that the dragon learned his berry lesson much faster than the stubborn parents of the kids. But in the end shooting star's father finds himself back to his childhood dreams and recognizes, that even with a fancy barrette you can be a worthy king!

Lisa Sommerfeldt plays with the gender roles and -norms with a very imaginatively and unpedagogical way. Since both kids´ identities are very self-evident, their adventure doesn't get to mere exploration of self- and foreign perception. The kids learn much more on their way of many options, that the adulthood offers them, to choose their own. With this sureness they afterwards can even productively unsettle their parents.

Besetzung: 2 Darsteller/innen + 1 Puppenspieler/in - oder 5 Darsteller/innen
Alter: empfohlen ab 6
Uraufführung: 01.03.2015, lutzhagen / Theater Hagen, Regie: Miriam Michel

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