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Verlag für Kindertheater

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von Karen Köhler

Ein Theaterstück für mutige Kinder ab 6 Jahren

Rabauk (Rowdy)

A theatre play for corageous kids at the age of 6+, 5W - 5M, free for WP

Today's the day: Rabauk (Rowdy) shall get his creeps diploma! For passing the test he has to visit the human girl Ruby at night to frighten her and give her the creeps. The thing is, that Rabauk can't keep the mean creepy phrases in mind, and rattling sabres and clattering teeth he tends to get tangled up from time to time. Rabauk simply hasn't got the neccessary monstrous joy to frighten human children. The worst happens. Not only Ruby isn't afraid in the least, she even giggles. Rabauks's monster family is upset, their good image, well, their whole existence is at stake, if humans don't fear them any longer. When Rabauk is punished for that incident much too hard, Ruby decides to help him. She goes to the monsters' cave. And something outrageous is happening: The monsters are frightened!

An enchantingly creepy monster tribe, a black sheep, that turns into a hero and a courageous girl, that finds new friends: Karen Köhler's play is an opulent feast fort he big stage!

Besetzung: 5 Dame(n) , 5 Herr(en)
Alter: empfohlen ab 6
Frei zur: UA

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