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Ramayana. Ein Heldenversuch

von Karen Köhler

Nach dem indischen Versepos "Ramayana"

Trying to Be a Hero

Cast of 5 (incl. 1f if possible); age 10+; awaiting first production

Everyone in the choir is bored. They just hang around doing nothing, and with no plans for the future. Something is missing from their lives – something exciting, something great, something…well…HEROIC! But where can one find a hero in an age when all heroes seem to have been and gone? They can’t agree on anything, and suggestions are made and rejected – until suddenly one of them has an idea that will save the day. A hero from ancient India – they haven’t had one of those for a very long time. And so they decide to tell the tale of the deity Rama, husband of Sita and conqueror of Ravana, for this story is a really powerful one, with lots of sensational action. They all take on their roles, and tell of the competition for the hand of the beautiful Sita, the defeat of Ravana, his wrath, and his revenge through the abduction of the beautiful bride. For a while, things seem to be going well for Ravana, and he revels in his triumph. But then Rama, who never ceases his quest for Sita, enlists the help of Hanuman and his army of apes. The final battle between the two rivals is long and bloody, and the dividing line between characters and performers becomes increasingly blurred, for this is what every true hero demands both of himself and of his followers: unconditional and unlimited dedication to the cause. To give everything for honour and to achieve one’s aim – that’s what makes a hero. But Rama is ready to sacrifice his friends, and even to reject his true love. Is that still heroic? The anti-hero only thinks of himself, and in his greed and lust takes whatever he wants, without any concern for others – he is a real villain. But let’s be honest, aren’t soft featherbeds preferable to the hard boards on which a warrior must sleep?

At the end of the play, the choristers all have an uneasy feeling. They have enjoyed the dangers and the acts of bravery, and they have wallowed in deep emotions. But somehow there was also something not quite right about this heroic saga. A hero should radiate all that is good and virtuous, and his opponent should be one-dimensional in his evil. But both Rama and Ravana fall short of our wishes by as much as they fulfil them. And so in the end the choristers agree that heroism is sometimes necessary, but in the meantime a cosy get-together over a nice civilized picnic can also be extremely enjoyable.


Besetzung: 5 Darsteller (nach Möglichkeit 1 D)
Alter: empfohlen ab 10
Uraufführung: 14.09.2013, Badische Landesbühne Bruchsal (Regie: Joerg Bitterich)

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