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Robin Hood – Die wahre Geschichte.

von Lee Beagley / Anna Siegrot

Gesponsert von dem Sheriff von Nottingham

The True Story. Sponsored by the Sheriff of Nottingham

6m & 3f; age 8+; first produced at Theater Dortmund, 2009


Robin Hood has been away in the East for a long time, fighting the Crusades, and in the meantime the Sheriff has become undisputed ruler of Sherwood Forest. He has had the whole forest chopped down – so that he can supervise everything that goes on there – and has employed all of Robin’s men in his own service. Will Scarlett – in his capacity as writer in residence at the court – an opportunity he seized with both hands – is in the process of putting together a great musical: Robin Hood – The True Story. Sponsored by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Since the sponsor naturally wishes to be shown in the best possible light,  casting requires very delicate handling – and from time to time help is also needed from Little John, who has been promoted to Director of Security. Little John, however, is suffering a great deal in this new position, which consists mainly in the task of cutting off people’s ears. Friar Tuck remains at his happiest when immersed in a cask of wine, and the legendary deeds of the Merry Men are gradually turning into faded memories. It is therefore high time Robin returned to England, and so he does, accompanied by his faithful friend Ishmael. But by now Robin himself is no longer in the first flush of youth, and his old war wounds are causing him a lot of grief. The fact is, there’s no way he can play the part of the romantic hero. He has one last battle with his old arch enemy, and then one might truly say: “The hero is dead, long live the hero.” For now Robin’s bow is passed on to the next generation. And, one hopes, this generation will find its own way of making life better and happier for everyone.


Besetzung: 3 Dame(n) , 6 Herr(en)
Alter: empfohlen ab 8
Uraufführung: Theater Dortmund, 16.05.2009

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