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Verlag für Kindertheater

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Die Kurzhosengang und das Totem von Okkerville

von Zoran Drvenkar


Die Kurzhosengang und das Totem von Okkerville - The shorts gang and the totem of Okkerville

No story should start like this, but that's exactly how it begins: In a cold, moonless night, Island wakes up and isn't alone anymore in his room. At the foot of his bed there's a figure, "not death, not the devil, no ram with five heads or a lunatic with a bloody knive!" A lot worse, it's old Laroux in person, who out oft he blue tells Island, he's got to meet his dead father today. As if that wasn't enough! All of Okkerville threatens to go to waste, since the totem has disappeared out of town. One Misfortune follows the next. The shorts gang faces their biggest challenge: They have to get back the totem, save Okkerville and solve the riddle about Island's father. A racy trip through all of Kanada begins! Who would wonder that a mummy steps in their way? Not to forget the terrible Pauli gang...

"Get in and buckle on. You will experience eternal friendship and your heart will be broken. And don't forget to sharpen your teeth for noone knows, what's waiting out there in the snow." (cbj publishing house)

Besetzung: Stoffrecht zur individuellen Dramatisierung
Alter: empfohlen ab 11
Uraufführung: 16.09.2017, Württembergische Landesbühne Esslingen(Regie: Jacob Weiß)