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Nur ein Ei

von Martin Baltscheit

Only an Egg

2 m + 1 f (or puppet), age 8+, premiere at the Junges Staatstheater Kassel, 17.03.2013 (directed by Dieter Klinge)

The wild boar and the fox are sitting by the river. They're waiting for something, and they're bored. The wild boar is probably waiting for something to eat, but the fox is waiting for love. He longs for a foxy wife with whom he can raise a family - above all, a son. A son would mean the world to him, and would be the apple of his eye! His own flesh and blood - though not necessarily, because just at this moment the wild boar and the fox see a little basket floating in the water, and inside the basket is a perfect, beautiful, shining white egg. It's a sign! A little Moses specially for the fox. And straight away the fox takes on all his paternal duties, keeping the egg warm and safe as he imagines how wonderful life will be when at last his son hatches. The wild boar sees things rather more realistically, and in a series of hilarious scenes confronts the fox with all the miseries of impending fatherhood. The sons he imagines are nothing like the romantic dreams of the fox, who is on the verge of deciding that he doesn't want a family after all. But then something terrible happens: a jay smashes the egg - the beautiful, smooth, round, oh so promising...chocolate egg! It was all a trick! The fox has been horribly deceived, and now his illusion lies shattered on the ground in a hundred sweet pieces. Immediately, the wild boar sets out to find the perpetrator of this dastardly deed, and in due course the two friends will get what is certainly the nicest surprise of their lives.

 "What does it mean to be expecting a child? What happens if a child does not fulfil the expectations of its father - and what can and should children expect from their parents? These are questions that are asked not only by foxes and wild boars." (Junges Staatstheater Kassel)

Besetzung: 1 Dame(n) , 2 Herr(en) , Statt 1 D auch Puppenspiel möglich
Alter: empfohlen ab 8
Uraufführung: 17.03.2013, Junges Staatstheater Kassel (Regie: Dieter Klinge)

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