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Verlag für Kindertheater

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von Kirsten Boie

Für die Bühne bearbeitet von Claudia Engemann

Seeräubermoses - Pirate Moses

worked for the stage by Claudia Engemann

"Oh miracle, oh miracle!" Inmidst a wild and stormy thunder night, when the crew of captain Klaas is sure to drown inevitably, suddenly a wooden  washing pan is rocking towards the "Wild Wally". Instead of  making a big haul the rough pirates only find a tiny baby - and yet a girl. For everybody knows womenfolk only cause trouble aboard! When the little child though smiles at the men fort he first time, they melt away and decide tob e a good substitue family for little "Pirate Moses". If only Moses wasn't that clever and curious! Then she wouldn't have followed the men into the dark dives by the harbour and would't have fallen into the hands of Ole Woodleg, Klaas' worst opponent. Ole Woodleg senses his chance to finally get the "Blood-Red Blood-Ruby of Doom" that he has been assuming tob e with Klaas for a very long time. He hijacks Moses just like that and only with the help oft he ship's boy John Jackdaw Moses succeds to escape off Ole's "Sweet Suzy". Little by little Moses and John now solve the quest  oft he Blod-Red Blood-Ruby - and in the end they even find Moses' real parents. 

The suspenseful pirates adventure of Kirsten Boie is nothing for tender souls and weak nerves. Here the waves roll high and the rum flows in streams. Here they swear and steal and clean you only get in the rain. Not the best nursery for a girl? Maybe, but Pirate Moses sees it completely different! A colourful family play with a girl that knows how to stand up for herself!

Bearbeitung: Claudia Engemann
Besetzung: 10 Darsteller (Doppelbesetzungen)
Alter: empfohlen ab 5
Uraufführung: 19.07.2019, Freilichtbühne Korbach

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