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Verlag für Kindertheater

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Stadt Land Baum

von Alice Quadflieg

City – Country – Tree

2m; for age of 6+


Mortel and Fiete haven't seen each other in ages. Since the day Mortel simply disappeared without a word. Even despite the fact that Fiete organised a splendid Jazz gig at the barn feast. The audience had waited, the band was ready - only Mortel was and remained gone...but today Fiete gets a letter from Mortel, after such a long time! Mortel invites him to the big city. And "country bumpkin" Fiete actually takes on the journey. The city is very exciting and fairly busy, Fiete is simply overwhelmed. Fairly quick the old friends recognize how close they still feel and so Fiete doesn't need a lot of talking to convince Mortel to come to the countryside in reverse. Now Mortel travels the opposite direction - and for him as well the journey is harder than he had thought. For at their destination not only Fiete is waiting but also the biggest challenge of his life.

City - Country - Tree is a wonderfully touching text about the different ways to lead a life. The unknown seems to be very risky for both Fiete and Mortel, but once they get into it, they both push their limits - only this time they do it together.

Besetzung: 2 Herr(en) , davon nach Möglichkeit 1 Musiker/musizierender Schauspieler (im Stück: Schlagwerk, Saxophon)
Alter: empfohlen ab 6
Uraufführung: 05.04.2014, Kom'ma Thater Duisburg, Regie: Jasminka Wrobel

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