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von Zoran Drvenkar

Zoran Drvenkar
Dream Couple
A play in 8 scenes

4f – 3m; age 14+

15-year-old Ricki lives with the attractive Cindy in the attic of his parents’ house. Only with her does he feel safe and secure. And she will never leave him – unlike his mother, who has inflicted a messy divorce on the family – because Ricky’s great love is a mannequin. And although Cindy seems to be the only one who understands the meaning of true love, at the end of the play Ricky faces up to reality and leaves her.
"The author creates absurd and yet at the same time everyday characters who are caught up in a surprisingly complex web of connections, relationships and friendships. The themes of choosing a partner, overcoming the breakdown of romantic attachments, and taking off in new directions are all handled with humour and delicacy without ever being trivialized." (From the citation of the jury for the Baden-Württemberg Youth Theatre Prize 2004)

Winner of the Munich Children’s Playwright Prize 2000, and runner-up in the Baden-Württemberg Youth Theatre Prize 2004.

Besetzung: 4 Dame(n) , 3 Herr(en)
max. Rollenzahl: 10
Alter: empfohlen ab 14
Uraufführung: 2006, Theater an der Parkaue, Berlin

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